A2P - Making Rejection Work for You

Whether it's the first setback or the fiftieth, for a beginner or a New York Times bestselling veteran, rejection is a part of EVERY writer's life.  This workshop offers practical and psychological techniques for dealing with the the "No, Nope and No Way" messages that authors face regularly.  Discover what works for you when it's time to deal with rejection...and how planning your response to ANY setback leaves you more in control of not only your writing life, but also your personal life.

About the Presenter

Laurie Schnebly Campbell lived through second- and fifth-book syndrome between winning "Best Special Edition of the Year" over Nora Roberts and having her Rejection workshop featured in an NYT article about romance. She combines a background in counseling with teaching, and her bookshelf currently has 49 first-sale novels by authors from her classes -- she's still hoping for #50!  
3/13/2021 11:00 AM

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